The Rise of Porta Potty amid Warzone

Evolution of Temporary Restroom

Late 1940 was a challenging phase for the soldiers around the world; they had a tough time to count every passing day. On the other hand, the lack of basic needs erupted the concerns, and the inadequate restroom facility was one among them. Maybe that’s the time when porta potty come to life with its unique feature of mobility. The convenience of relocating the unit from one place to another was the highlight, and helped soldiers to carry the unit to different locations and use it whenever needed.

The aftermath of WWII was horrifying, but in the year of 1950 home-construction started making some handy noise around the United States of America and the people started using the porta potty to arrange the restroom facility for a temporary basis. The workers liked the arrangement as it cuts the effort of constructing the general restroom for the sake of days or months or so. However, the units were heavy and tough to upkeep on a daily basis, shielding it from the odor was confronting too. Afterward, the man himself Harvey Heather received a patent for polyethylene plastic porta potty unit after realizing fiberglass material have more cross ticks in the advantages column in contrast to the plastic material.

As the concept of introducing plastic made restrooms grabbed the attention of people to arrange the short-term restroom facility, many investors and businesslike professionals triggered the idea of providing the units on a rental basis to suffice the customer need. The initiative tuned out to be successful as the customers started renting a porta potty for numerous reasons, such as construction site, festivity celebration, wedding receptions, and special occasions where the crowd gathers inconsiderable amount for an hour’s or for days together.

What makes plastic built porta potty Unique and Beneficial?

  • Easy to clean, odor free, and sturdy quality
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Less expensive and more productive
  • Durable, recycle friendly and various color options
  • Weather friendly, non-conductive, and attractive

Why no to green color porta potty?

When the excreta come closer to the urine with blue liquid; it will turn into green, if a thick green appears then the effect of the chemical will be reduced, hence avoiding green color unit is sensible

Could You Believe it?

  • More than 5,000 porta potty units were installed during President Obama Inauguration during -2009
  • Lack of porta potty units availability for rental during a first in 99 years solar eclipse
  • Man turned porta potty unit to tiny little home
  • Teens were crazy about the viral #PortaPottyChallenge game

The modern day’s porta-potties are delivered immediately, in addition to timely cleaning service to match the hygiene guidelines.








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